1. When will my Refund request be processed?

Once we receive your request for Refunding amount of any cancelled / return order, the company will arrange for reverse pickup from your address where order was delivered. Once we receive back the shipment in it’s original condition, we will initiate the Refund Request within 24 hours.

2. When does the amount gets credited?

Normally, the amount will get credited in your Bank Account/ e-wallet within 2-7 Business days from Date of initiating the refund request from our end.

Please note that the amount will be refunded in the same Bank Account or Debit/Credit Card or E-wallet from which original payment was done.

3. What if amount does not gets credited even after 7 days?

If after 7 days also, the amount does not gets credited in your Bank account or e-wallet, please get in touch with your Bank and share with them the Transaction ID which we will send to you once Refund request is processed.

*For items eligible for cancellation/ return request, please refer to Cancellation & Return Policies.

Note : The above Refund policies are applicable only for Domestic customers i.e. for orders to be shipped within India only.