Personal Information:

The information that you provide us while registering your account on our website will contain your Personal Information like Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile No. We adopt several security measures to protect this information from disclosing it to anyone else.

Information Sharing:

We will never use this information to track your behaviour on other websites or anywhere else on the internet. We will not even share these details with any third party except those which are involved with us to deliver you the required services like our Logistics, Banking or Gifting Partners.

Opt Out :

However,we may use your data for our internal analytics like analyzing our Sales performance or for Marketing purposes like emailing you about the current offers or latest addition to our stock. In case, you do not wish to receive such offers or you wish to delete all your records registered with us, please mark a mail to us or inform us through Whatsapp or leave a note on our official Facebook page. Once we receive any such request, we will make sure to remove your contact details so that you do not receive any further marketing messages.


Once you register on our website and make the payment, we have your details like Name, Address, Email ID, Mobile No., Payment Details like last few digits of your card no. which are securely stored with us, making sure that there is no unauthorized access.