1. Does Millenial Exports has any Physical Stores also which I can visit?

As such, we do not have any Physical or Offline stores as we sell our products online.

However, customers can still visit our official registered address for purchasing our products. All Terms & Conditions will remain the same as mentioned on our website.

2. How can I contact Millenial Exports in case of any queries, issues or any clarifications?

You can contact us between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on all days by any of these means –

Call / SMS/ Whatsapp+91 – 9157277664


3. What is a Coupon Code? How do I get them for availing discounts ?

We keep introducing various promotions on several occasions for our esteemed customers. To enable you to take benefit of those promotions, we provide you a “Coupon Code” which you can apply on the ‘Checkout’ page of our website www.millenialexports.com  before making the final payment.

Once the coupon is applied successfully, the Billing amount is discounted based on the coupon applied.

4. How many Coupon Codes can be applied in a Single Order?

Currently, we allow only One Coupon Code to be applied in one Single Order.

5. Do Coupon Codes have an Expiry Date?

Yes, all coupons will be for a specific period only. Be assured that, once a particular Coupon Code expires, we may launch another coupon code which may have a new validity. This is subjected to Company’s internal policies.

Different coupon codes may have different offers.

6. Is it compulsory to register on your website for placing an order?

No, it’s not compulsory to register on our website for placing an order.

However, we suggest you to get your details registered by creating an account on our website for the following benefits :

  • We may launch few Promotions / Discounts / Offers which are specifically designed for our Registered customers.
  • If you opt for registration, you do not need to fill all your basic details again next time. You can simply log in using your email / username & password while visiting our website in the future.
  • You also get access to your Shopping Details like Order History , Loyalty points etc.

7. With whom all, my Data like Name, Address, Mobile No. & Email I.D. is shared?

Though we never use your data for tracking any other info or for any commercial use, we still share your Data only with the following authorized business partners :

– Shipping partners for timely delivery of your orders

– Banking / Payment Gateway partners in case of any Payment related issues

– Gifting Partners for rewarding our selected customers, based on your purchase history with us.

In addition to this, we also reserve the rights to share your data with Government or Law Enforcement agencies in case of any serious issues like Financial Frauds.

8. How do you claim that your products are 100% Genuine & Authentic?

We source all our products ONLY from very Reputed manufacturers who have years & decades of experience. Before sourcing products from them, we check their authenticity through multiple sources. Only those manufacturers whose credentials are found to be satisfactory in all respects & feedbacks & Service Standards are Excellent, are allowed to tie-up with us.

9. How do you ensure ‘Guaranteed Service Standards’ at every step, right from Order till Delivery?

To ensure all our customers get a wonderful experience while Shopping with us, we have very strict time limits for every stage, as soon as we receive an order.

Our Service Standards are as mentioned below :

Order Dispatch :  Max within 48 hours (excluding Sundays & other Holidays)

Order Delivery : Max within 7 working days (excluding Sundays & Holidays)

Refunds (where applicable) : Initiation within 24 hours once a refund is accepted from our side.

We take immense pride in mentioning that till now, we have maintained a record of 100% On-time Dispatch & On-Time Deliveries !

10. How do you ensure customers receive what they have ordered, in terms of Product Quality ?

Our products are checked at least thrice for quality, before being dispatched to the end customer. So the chances of dispatching any defective product to any customer is nil.

All the details about product’s fabric, size, colour are clearly mentioned on the products page. Customers must read these details carefully before placing any orders.

11. Code of Conduct

We, at Millenial Exports, treat all our Customers with utmost Respect, Politeness, Professionalism & Ethics. In return, we also expect our customers to interact with us in the same way.

There might be very rare instances where our ability to serve you may get restricted or it may not be as per your expectations for any reasons which are beyond our control. This might happen in very exceptional conditions only.

In such cases, any customer resorting to use of derogatory, offensive or unparliamentarily language  over any mode of communication or any physical assault against anyone from Millenial Exports or their associates or towards any other customers of our Company will invite immediate suspension of their accounts with us.

Millenial Exports also reserves the rights of terminating a Customer’s account, with or without notice, in case they are found to be involved in any Unethical, Fraud or illegal actions while dealing with our company.

Millenial Exports, in such cases, reserve rights to report such matters to legal authorities for any further action.