1. For which countries are the International orders currently being accepted by your company?

As of now, we are accepting international orders only for Canada & U.S.A.

As lockdown conditions & flight restrictions are eased, we will add more countries to our list.

2. How do I pay for International orders to your company?

You can pay for the international orders on our website using International Credit / Debit cards like Amex, Visa, Master, Maestro or Diners Club.

3. Will the payment be done in my local currency or Indian Rupees?

The prices on our website are displayed in Indian Rupees & U.S. dollar.

Indian customers should choose INR & U.S. customers should choose USD to check prices & make payment in their respective currency.

Other Customers : When you add products in your cart & enter your International card details for payment (Credit/Debit), equivalent prices in your local currency will be displayed to you on the checkout page. These prices will be based on current exchange rates.

Before proceeding to pay, please verify the amount thoroughly.

4. Will there be any extra charges for card payments (Credit/Debit) for international transactions on your website?

There might be some extra charges if you are using an international card (Credit/Debit) for international transactions on our website.

Please get in touch with your card company or the bank that has issued your card for knowing the exact charges that will be levied for such transactions.

5. Once the payment is successful, when will my International Order be Shipped?

Once we receive your order and the payment is successful, the order will beĀ  dispatched within 4 working days.

6. Are there any Shipping charges also?

Yes, Shipping charges are applicable for every International order. Shipping charges will be visible once you add products in your cart & choose your country in the address details on the payments page.

Please note that this shipping amount will be non – refundable in case of order cancellation or return.

7. What is the Standard Delivery time for an International Order?

Once your order is shipped, it will take around 12-20 days for the delivery.

However, in case of any delay, we will keep you informed. Parallelly, you can check the status of your shipment online with the help of a tracking no. which you will receive from our end once the order is shipped.

8. Which Logistics partner services you use to Deliver the products?

We will dispatch your confirmed orders ONLY through those logistic services which have a proven track record in International deliveries.

So be 100% assured about your order. It’s completely our responsibility to make sure that your order is delivered on time.

9. I received an import bill from the shipping company for the international order from your company. What do I do?

Please note that some countries do charge an import tax on the shipments delivered from some other countries.

In this case, we request you to kindly present that bill to us via your registered email. Once we successfully verify that bill with the logistics company, we will partially refund that bill.

Actual import bill or $40, whichever is less, will be refunded to you in the same card account, from which the payment was made.

10. Can I change my Order details like Name, Address, email id, mobile no. after order is placed?

Once we receive your order, we will Dispatch your parcel as per the order details only. Hence, no request to change details like Name, Address, email ID, Mobile no. will be entertained under any circumstances once an order is placed.

In case wrong details are filled from your end while placing an order, request you to kindly cancel that order and place a new order with correct details.

11. Is your Packing safe?

We use only Internationally approved & safe packing material to dispatch the orders. Please note that in some countries, plastic is completely banned. So for any orders which have to be delivered to such countries or have a transit through them, we will pack the items accordingly. NO PLASTIC will be used inside or outside under any circumstances.

12. Can I cancel my International order once it is dispatched?

A lot of efforts, time, resources, cost & legal formalities are involved in making sure that your order is dispatched & delivered at the right time, in the right condition.

Therefore, any cancellation request received once an order is dispatched, will invite non refund of the shipping fees paid by the buyer while placing the order.

Balance amount will be paid when the order is received by us in the same condition.

13. My international order got damaged/lost during transit. How do I raise a claim now?

Though we use only reputed logistics companies which have an expertise in International Shipping, in a very rare scenario where your International order, placed with our company is lost or damaged during transit by the shipping company, we request you to raise a claim with us within 24 hours.

You can send us an email with order details along with the details of the damage (or lost shipment). Once we verify it with the logistics company & your claim is approved by our company, we will be refunding the amount to the extent of the damage.

Note : The above Export policies are applicable only for International customers i.e. for orders to be shipped outside India only.