Cancellation & Return Policies

1. How to raise a Cancellation/Return request?

An order can be Cancelled or Returned by sending us an email on from your registered email ID.

– For Quick resolution of your Cancellation/Return request, please do include all details like Order No., Order Date,  Amount paid so that we can track your order easily.

– Please allow us 24 hours after receiving back the parcel from your end, in it’s original condition, to initiate your refund. We might call you on your registered Mobile no. with us to verify/ understand the reasons of Cancellation or Return.

2. When  can an Order be Cancelled or Returned?

– A request to Cancel or Return an Order can be raised only within the first five days of Delivery, including Sundays or holidays, if any.

– Delivery Date will be counted as Day 1.

– Any request to cancel or return the order beyond five days of Delivery will not be entertained under any circumstances.

e.g. An order received by a Customer on Jan 1st 2021 is eligible to be Cancelled or Returned ONLY till Jan 5th 2021.

3. Are there any charges for Order Cancellation / Return ?

While the company makes every effort to delight our customers, in the rare scenario where the customer is unhappy with the product delivered & wants to cancel / return their order,  a nominal fees will be charged for reverse pickup as per the following :

Rs. 150/- per order.

Once the shipment is picked up from customer’s location & is received by us in the same condition, the balance amount would be paid as per the following:

Total Amount paid by customer, less Rs. 150/-

We take immense pride in mentioning that till date, our Order Return rate is less than 0.4% !!

4. Why is my Order Not Eligible for Cancellation/Return ?

An Order will NOT be eligible for Cancellation/Return under the following conditions :

– If the customer is raising Cancellation/Return request after first five days of delivery.

– If the customer is Cancelling/Returning any order where the items delivered to the customer are Damaged/Spoiled from Customer’s end  or are in any condition where it cannot be resold or reused as new.

Note : NO Partial Cancellation/Return request will be entertained. If you have ordered multiple items in one single order, all the items in that order  will have to be  Cancelled or Returned for an order to be eligible for Cancellation/Return.

Note : No refund will be given in case your Order is not eligible for Cancellation/Return as per the above mentioned conditions.

5. Is ‘Exchange’ of products possible in case an order is returned?

No, currently we do not offer exchange of products. If for any reasons, you want to cancel or return the order and order some other product, request you to kindly place a new order altogether .

6. Why was my order cancelled by your company even before dispatch?

We deal with all our customers ethically & with 100% transparency. At the same time, we expect all our customers too, to be ethical with us.

In case where we find any orders to be of fraudulent nature or which raises any kind of suspicion, the company reserves the rights to verify all such orders with the customer.  In case , we do not get any satisfactory answer from customer’s side, the company will not dispatch those orders and they will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Any amount, if paid by the customer for such orders, will be refunded back to the customer without any further questions, as per the refund policies.

The company also reserves the rights to block such customer’s accounts, with or without notice to the customers.

Note : The above Cancellation & Return policies are applicable only for Domestic customers i.e. for orders to be shipped within India only.