Coming all the way from the vibrantly royal city of Lucknow, Millenial is a home shopping destination for contemporary homes. Started as a passion project right before the lockdown, the company has grown against all odds owing to the faith shown by the customers.

At Millenial, we aim to provide you not simply products, but cherishable experiences.

To fulfill that promise, each product of ours is curated with mindful care and an eye for detail. Right from the fabrics, the material, to the designs and finish is chosen by keeping your comfort, utility and aesthetics in mind. We ensure that these goods are 100% authentic as we have tied up with reputable network of handpicked manufacturers from across the country. Thus, our goods speak for themselves.

As big believers of the rich Indian heritage, we always pay respect to our roots and encourage being #VocalForLocal. All our sourcings are ethically undertaken with skilled local craftsmen and artisans to showcase the fine artistry that is passed down through generations in our country. Our handcrafted goods are made by the people who have lived in these distinct cultures, honing their skills beautifully. As a result, each product carries its own unique story and charm, for you to enjoy with your loved ones.

As we continue growing in our journey under the umbrella group of Millenial Exports, we hope to continue serving our customers with genuine products of superior quality. There is an abundance of options available currently in the market but as you choose us, know that you’re choosing sincere dedication and authenticity. After careful market analysis, we sieve out the aspects that need to be especially worked on, in every product. In doing so, we ensure that our products stand out in terms of durability, finish and value.

Finally, as we welcome you to our e-commerce platform, we promise you a convenient and hassle-free experience. We understand and integrally value the special place of one’s home and what it means to personalise it with love and care. Decorating your abodes requires you to reflect your personality into these four walled spaces for them to truly feel like your home.  Through this platform, we devotedly pursue providing you with only the best, as we want you to cherish every purchase. After all, we realise that these products will end up becoming a part of your everyday life and thereby, we work towards making sure that you’ll love to look at them everyday.

We aim to provide you with a one-stop destination that you can wholeheartedly trust and turn to for your needs.

Having seen success offline and listening to countless customer’s wonderful feedbacks, this website is a culmination of a wish to touch more lives and reside in more homes. While we will seamlessly deliver all across the country, we hope the stories that each of our products carry will heartily be enjoyed by you and your dearest ones.