Royal Home Furnishings !

A house is transformed into a humble home by the traditional work of Rajasthani native weavers. Also known as The Land of Kings, Rajasthan’s story is one that paints a royal picture. Once inhabited by great kingdoms, Rajasthan developed a unique culture which preserves the ethnic royal regime. From small households to big havelis, the one thing which is constant is the beauty of the royal home furnishings. Same can be seen in the old markets of the region which are filled with traditional designs of linen including Bed Sheets, Pillow covers, Diwan sets, Curtains and so on.

Along with Royal cuisines, royal ways of home-making were passed onto generations by the pupils of  those who served maharajas and maharanis. The intricate process of making exquisite designs and weaving them on linen which traditionally absorb heat is something everyone should experience. Some popularly seen patterns are beautifully detailed peacocks with their feathers painted in vibrant colors, and elephants depicting royal travel with beautiful carriages of the royal family.

The Rajasthani way of home furnishing is expressed by vibrant hues of blue, red, pink, green with golden or silver borders. By paying a visit to the cities of Jaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer, you can observe and understand how vividness of the coloursare very much an integral part of the Rajasthani lifestyle. This same colourful canvas comes alive in a traditional Rajasthani house, which has splashes of vibrant and royal colours on almost every element of the home furnishings. The emerald green and blue of the peacocks and bright yellow of the elephants, along with sky blue depicting the vivacious sky are some crucial colors of this style.

The carefully handcrafted minute details which can be noticed in every work is a reminder to how the kings and queens used to live traditionally but in a very stylish way. The cities of Rajasthan are filled with old generation artists who have passed their skills onto their children and so on. The markets are crowded with pieces of royal home furnishings available in a wide range of products. Altogether, the scenery painted by the Land of Kings is one of the finest and we at Millenial Exports, are here to bring this culture to your doorstep!

The brand of Millenial is built on the royal heart of Rajathani home furnishings. Visit our online website now and transform your home into a Royal Haveli!

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